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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  September 29, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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to night. john: this week we have come to one of the most prestigious universities in america, university of maryland -- north carolina i debated former vermont governor about the role of government. i hope i convince them but i don't know. when everything it is important we have an open debate. and traditionally that is what universities were supposed to be about. open debate. but college campuses often are not. two reasons.
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some have speech codes of what you cannot say. some are so liberal libertarians and conservatives are ostracized if they speak up. you had a student here? >> 2010. and robert studies free-speech and is with fire the foundation for individual rights and education. hadley, you were not very political. what happened? >> i have opinions but struggled what i believe, when to speak up, and when to be quiet. john: the because of friends ? >> there were a variety of students that were very
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mature but others who could be loudmouth that overshadows the culture with a small group to make a lot of noise it can be intimidating. congressmen tom 10 credo was invited but the speech never happened. john: he has positions on immigration that you disagree. i am not in alignment with his philosophy and every issue. tax policy but not by to buy another issues. i was not present the day they shutdown the event but many were shouting there is no debate. no-space 48. that hit home.
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>> he was shouted down. john: somewhere outside the building and throwing rocks through the window? >> university reacted and condemned the action. unc denounce. but some people did not want to have the debate. some think my views are so illegitimate i should not say them. john: you go to campuses around the country. most illiberal others are silenced? >> that is fair. the culture is monolithic they don't seem interested to change that. they pass policies to make it more difficult for
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students to have minority viewpoints to speak out. john: and professors at lean left, 51% registered democrats. but only 14% are republican. social science is only 6%. >> 70 2% self identify as liberal. which is a big disparity between them and the general public. john: you were a junior when obama was elected? >> it was light a little of the colt it happened across the nation. john: not just the attitude but there are actual space -- speech restriction
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red light, yellow light and this university was demoted? >> to policies unc maintains which is sexual-harassment if you attended college and other than unc it bans all sexually explicit jokes. john: david, you have a copy what did you find? >> sexually explicit jokes jokes, books, it is different -- difficult to control how you look at someone. policy in the residence halls to avoid using the returners spoken word in the way that offends. that is a rage asleep fraud. a picture of mitt romney would offend 70%. [laughter]
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john: you may not explicitly or implicitly asked for sex. john: then how do you get there? [laughter] is it automatically rate? >> these policies are not well thought out. this is what you get to with bureaucracies. john: we will not use the overheard freshman. >> we want gender inclusive? >> does that mean frosh? >> first year. >> it is frequent. public and private have speech codes that violate the constitution like unc or
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private school would if it was public. john: the school says they study your complaints? >> that is the standard issue like you could balance against your own concern. sometimes used to then they backed down. >> whenever we cord new lawsuits against the red light speech code it is struck down by the court. john: north carolina state state, down the road eric was a residential adviser their meaning you live in the dorm helping with the younger students. >> help them to get moved in, settled in charge of policy enforcement. >> you had to put up a
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civility code? >> it was on a refrigerator magnet and had to put it on every refrigerator in the dorm. it is not a bad thing but the obsession to make sure their civil can hinder debate. some people are more passionate and others. it comes across as on civil. that is the point* of dialogue. you are supposed to be offended so i think of passionate discourse should be encouraged. not discouraged. >> civility is great and should be the rule but certain circumstances civility cannot be paramount. dealing with civil-rights movement, you simply cannot accomplish your goals if you
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are worried about being sold. john: says segregated lunch counter? >> there is nothing simple about responding to someone making racist comments by raising your voice. or telling them to knock it off. but the government tells you, you cannot do that? that is not a way to run a free society. john: should it be legal to marry the wrong person? or to give a price about nutrition? that and more from north carolina.
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john: from the university of north carolina at chapel hill, a john stossel. >> not just the and on campus but it is threatened somewhere by somebody in authority. steve works for a medical equipment company but on the side you tried to block
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about nutrition? >> you given vice and what happened? >> was told by the state i should stop giving nutritional advice. john: they even printed with the red lines. this is why because you give the advice and may not without a license. >> wide why have to tell people to be to meats and vegetables and tell all diabetics to reduce carbohydrates? john: so you contacted the institute for justice. paul sherman you are a lawyer? >> we litigate across the country one area is the
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first amendment. we were excited because this raises the most important and answer questions when happens when they regulate occupation complex with free-speech? john: more and more all the time. >> it would have cost him thousands of dollars and taken years of his life for dietitian license. 50 years ago on a 5% a the license from the government now it is 30% and continues to increase. john: you would have to get 900 hours of apprenticeships get the nutrition board said they would monitor.
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you stop to. because they could put you in jail. >> that is correct. >> i could not give personal advice all the zero by a successfully treat my diabetes with a diet and exercise. john: a harvard nutritionist said it was reasonable. but even if it was stupid, people know there is garbage on the internet. >> id has changed the way people see device. anyone can write a book about nutrition but north carolina said if you want to give one on one device that is forbidden they mean well and want to protect their
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industry but also they tried to keep free competition out. >> absolutely. with licensor reports the industry calls for regulation. not that the public is afraid but dietitians to not want competition. john: north carolina is average with intrusive regulations? a barber is 250 days of test , two years? landscape contractor, three years? security alarm installer. [laughter] this is why unemployment stays high. >> what is outrageous the variance between states. some don't have any licensure requirements bereday in danger from those
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in north carolina? absolutely
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john: we are back with our show from the university of north carolina. chapel hill. how many think gay marriage should be legal? how many do not? you are a liberal group. typical. not the normal north carolina audience. 60% disagree recently voted
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in a constitutional amendment to make sure there is not court approved a marriage. we have stuart campbell who fought against the amendment and tammy fitzgerald, you helped to pass it? why did you want in this? >> is important for the people of north carolina to define more and -- marriage. not the courts. john: you thoughtthe judge would decide? >> it has happened in six days. the people of iowa never thought that what happened. massachusetts, connecticut predefined marriage. the attack has been through the judicial system. john: what do you mean the attack?
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that expands. it is audacious for society to think they can define it. so for the government to impose the cotte artificial definition is interference. >> we are trying to join an institution but there are 1100 benefits over married couples? [laughter] are you against gays? >> this is not the anti-gay movement. >> it is about protecting
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the definition of marriage of the man and woman. government has no right to define. john: a people say i consider myself married? >> they do that already. there was the parade of horribles after the amendment was to be passed but it didn't have been. it was to hurt child custody did not have been. john: it is early. but laments-- months later. >> it is more than marriage marriage, a civil unions and domestic partnerships.
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so the domestic legal union is how it is defined. john: should people be allowed to marry three women? >> that does not make sense. the history of marriage is between two and the vigils. john: this history is to tell a people to hide in the closet. >> that is not the debate we're having. >> consenting adults should not be -- should be married. why not polygamy? that is for another organization. i am just happy giving north carolinian is the opportunity. >> if the government has an
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interest in marriage because it is about the future of eric cantor -- country. >> it does not make it go away. >> not a single person will get divorced or married because of their gay marriage of their neighbor does. >> the government's purpose is to protect children. they are unnatural result of natural marriage. john: a lot of single-parent >> but what about those people who cannot have children? then why do that? >> children are the natural
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product. there are exceptions marriages about procreation does not mean that we cannot all are excluded. >> that no circumstances that gay and lesbian can appropriate. >> but it should be limited to people who go through fertility test spin like you miss the point*. >> we have laws to prevent brothers and sisters back the state has an interest because it needs to promote the natural family.
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john: father's? >> yes. and north carolina. >> they can in 20 states. [laughter] coming up can the university's solve the world's problems? no. i think it is a scam. my next guest says i am wrong.
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john: welcome back to the university of north carolina. college should be a marketplace of ideas but the author of the book of and
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gin seven ovation. >> they are good at the intersection of execution and innovation. good at taking innovation and by bringing them onto campus way can increase the impact at universities. >> who cares? >> there is not many any more. the crown jewels of $300 billion of assets of major research universities the most talented intellectual people are here and the public in general it expects more and crown jewels, that is why i say
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college is a scam. if you look at what taxpayerare paying it is going down very fast. >> not fast enough. >> who will take the place? >> i was a ceo quarter to quarter mentality don't allow the research to create true innovation. what have we got? >> have you ever been on the internet? >> much of the microchips that power computers were invented at stanford.
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the nobel prize winner was a mouse consistent to get the right to rat but nobody will invest 30 years to get exactly the right rat so they can all do the research they need with mice. we are lousy that commercialization. so we need to get more entrepreneurs on two campuses and those schools and how higher impact and schools will pay -- play a huge role. >> part ii with ice jams.
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>> i did good so far. [laughter] john: to under $50 billion. i will not give mine to my alma mater. they have 70 billion sitting with the endowment. one results is the taxpayers are hit with a loan money coming in, tuition goes up. inflation is 100%. 220% health care costs, college tuition, 300% because of the money flowing. this college is only $7,800. that is a tuition break for in-state students. >> but they fork over 60,000. a lot of the kids cannot
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find a job. >> i agree in general. john: okay. we are done. [laughter] >> part of the issue remeasured and come how much in a lifetime. >> the more prestigious to help people get the first job. >> bartenders, 15% also taxi drivers. they go into debt to an end cannot find a job. >> it is not bad to study french literature. >> how about you? >> french psychology. >> did it help to get a job?
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>> no. i learn how to play poker. [laughter] i did not have to pay that to. >> it is not the indices broke i think you learn in some cases with liberal education we need to cause people to think about things like you do every week to think like they have not done before. that is noble. >> but my show is free. >> or the cable subscription >> i don't think anyone is forced and it is clear some
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places it
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john: it will come back. from the university of north carolina at students get to speak. >> i am a senior at duke. [laughter] i do research in the lab at the biology department most of it is funded by nih if we abolished it out with the private sector react and fund the same type of research? john: good question. libertarians are torn saying the government does too much but some say the national institute of health, basic science is what government needs to do. i am skeptical. who do they give the grants to? old people. my 70 year-old brother and
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most innovation comes from kids your age. the establishment knows how to work the system. maybe that is what we need. >> i am patch ago deal freshman from chicago. first year. [laughter] that does not have to be man? >> i am afresh man. [laughter] but regarding your stance knowledge education had not gone to college deerfield you would have gained access to the journalism profession? you cannot say what would have happened but you are right to. i looked out graduating from princeton helped but half of
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the people today don't graduate even after six years. they are alerted everybody has to go. make a $1 million more because it is a different population that goes to college. they would have made it any way. but you are right to. it worked out for me. >> i go to a school nearby. how to read tell the difference to help young people were it actually inflates the cost? >> it is impossible for
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people who want to spend their money. university's should get the money voluntarily. not taxpayers. allot have the affinity for your school and you choose. that is the best way. would be think about primary education? >> k-12 has been messed up. we spend much more than we used to. scores are flat. no surprise. it is a government monopoly and they always street customers corley corporation
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clap charities would help the people who cannot afford that we used to government paying k-12 education. but why not attach the money to your back? your parents could take $13,000 to any school they would compete to get you and the best teachers would compete they would be making 300,000 per year and you would get a better education [applause] >> i am a freshman here at chapel hill. what is your view on gun-control? my call mates believe noble and should have done. that is our second amendment
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right. >> i live in new york city and it is common sense if people had a gun people would shoot each other accidentally, blood in the streets my said that two out sharpton. what if people could carry a pistol? but that is the law in most eighth. i have learned it does not increase crime but in some cases there are fewer bad guys because he worries you could be packing. [laughter] was certain limits you should have they done -- of gun. >> i am a senior that
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freshmen first year thing you framed it as free-speech but there is no policy in forcing free-speech. >> it is political correctness. >> even if it helps one incoming first year theo less alienated then why the negative feeling of the official title? john: enough is enough. would allow women feel this respected to be called a freshman? when my daughter was born i went through the dr. seuss books and would change the word to heat -- from he to see. but freshman? come on. >> with my a education cost
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$15,000 worth of rego. should this be reformed? >> i can see why taxpayers don't want to pay for you to come from england. you pay. >> is american students as well. north carolina to study in california. john: then you make a choice. tuition would be $15,000 every where if the state governments would not of all that money at all the colleges. >> i am as senior here at unc chapel hill.
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do you think the media is being too soft and how they should get answers how do when the war on terror? john: i wish they would but the media is pretty tough. >> hi john. i am from north carolina i am not a first year, i am a freshman talk about education today what is your plan for the educational system? >> i would say let's abolish [cheers and applause] education is the state's
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responsibility. only recently have the federal governmengovernmen t got involved. so leave it to the states. choice will make it better. >> i am a sophomore here we're deceived the movement growing in the future? >> i hope so. you are wearing the on americans for liberty t-shirts. [applause] when i was in college it was democrats and college republicans now liberty chapters in many colleges. i hope it does wanting i have learned to it is the fatal conceit to predict the future. who knows? when we come back
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"the willis report" with lori rothman is coming up next. lori: regulation nation. it will take a look at a new study showing how government red tape is putting our country at a competitive disadvantage. plus, president obama gets a boost in the polls. the romney camp plays down expectations for next week's debate. some predictions. welcome to "the willis report."


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